Seismology in Schools - T&T


Purpose of Trip

The INVOCAB project employs a multi-pronged approach to the improvement of innovation capacities in the Caribbean through the following: improving the instructional delivery of science content, providing access to science equipment and manipulatives, formation of science clubs in schools and introducing students to the innovation framework which they will draw upon to enter the project’s innovation competition. To this end, the INVOCAB team from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago travelled to Dresden, Germany to observe the running of their Global Innovation week and to share knowledge in the fields of science education, innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of Trinidad & Tobago.


The local team comprised:

  • Simone Marie King , Education Officer, International Projects Unit, NIHERST
  • Joseph Ryan, Programme Officer, Innovations Unit, NIHERST
  • Dr. Khalel Mohoyodeen, Curriculum Coordinator, TVET, Ministry of Education
  • Dr. Ruel Ellis, Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of the West Indies

TUD and Innovation Week

The Innovation Week at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) began with an address from the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Professor Schefczyk to the cohort of approximately 300 participating students.

The Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at TUD recognizes the importance of innovation as drivers of economic progress and company success. The Innovation Week teaches both the theoretical concepts in relation to innovation management coupled with a fully immersive experience in the business incubation process.

The visiting INVOCAB contingent got matched with student groups to get a first-hand look at the process from the student perspective. Students used the resource materials provided to create their business plan and had one week to develop their ideas from the ideation stage through prototyping and entry into the market.

The INVOCAB team were also trained in the following concepts:

  • The Innovation Week Concept
  • Innovation and Product Management
  • Technology Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Financing
  • The Role and Importance of Collaborating Agencies (Dresden Exists)

External Visits

Apart from the sessions held at TUD, the INVOCAB team visited some top tier, world class research and manufacturing facilities in Dresden.

HTW Grunderschmeide

This is a business/innovation incubator where students in the participating alliance of universities and colleges can have an office space for up to 2 years. Student teams have the benefit of a physical address, a work space, computer/internet, landline and fax machine. Students also receive advice and business guidance.

Gläserne Manufaktur (Volkswagen Transparent Factory)

At the VW plant, the luxury sedans – the Phaeton and the Bentley cars are made. The external walls are glass and so persons can see directly into the plant. Tours are open to the public as the facility serves as a learning centre and tourist attraction. The factory uses robotic and magnetic levitation technology n conjunction with traditional human handiwork to assemble these expensive, high end vehicles.

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

This institute houses world class global researchers and research facilities in a welcoming and fun environment. The team got to view current genetics experiments being conducted.