Science Pop Music from NIHERST

Science, creativity and musical flair came together once again in NIHERST’s 2014 Science Music Video Competition. Over 80 individuals and teams from across Trinidad and Tobago between the ages of 14 and 28, submitted a total of 21 “edutaining” videos focussed on important development issues such as renewable energy, water security and rainwater harvesting, family farming and small island developing states. Drawing on the popularity of user-generated content and the rise of viral videos in social media, the competition seeks to encourage young people to creatively engage with hot topics in science, technology and innovation (STI), generating accessible and entertaining new material to promote STI knowledge to the general public. The music videos reflected a range of genres from hip-hop to spoken word to dancehall.

A total of $114,000 in prize money was awarded to six finalists, with a first prize of $40,000. Special prizes were sponsored by the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (MEEA), the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and the Ministry of Food Production.

Delivering the opening remarks at the awards ceremony on the 11th of October, NIHERST board member, Mr. Andre Thompson, spoke of the importance of engaging the youth in the development of an STI-savvy culture in Trinidad and Tobago. He noted that, “With a music video, the video or moving image becomes a tool that can be used to enhance and strengthen the power of that message”. Head judge, Ms. Desiree Sampson, observed that the “creativity and resourcefulness of participants in producing their unique music videos was a good reflection of the ingenuity of our people.” She encouraged them to keep up their interest in the competition and to continue being young ambassadors for science and technology in Trinidad and Tobago through film and music.

All videos are available on the NIHERST YouTube channel.