NIHERST Resources

The Institute has produced several publications as outputs of some of its major projects. Additionally, in carrying out its mandate in science popularisation, NIHERST has been actively involved in the production of educational materials both for use in schools and for dissemination to the general public. Copies of these materials can be found at the Documentation Centre, which is located on the first floor of the National Science Centre.

The Documentation Centre houses the reference library of the Institute, providing both specific literature for the project-driven arms of the various NIHERST departments and ongoing subscriptions with leading science and technology periodicals.

In 2006, the Centre opened a Media Centre which is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate a maximum of 40 persons. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate larger groups who wish to use this facility.

Visitors can now add video documentary viewings to their list of activities during their tour of the National Science Centre from the library's supply of features from the National Geographic Society, Discovery Kids, The Learning Channel (TLC) and NIHERST's Science Communication Unit. These videographic materials are suitable for a range of age groups, from pre-school to secondary as well as for general audiences.