In-Person Camps

Since its establishment, NIHERST has resourcefully pursued its mandate to promote the development of science, technology and higher education in Trinidad and Tobago, and enhance the innovative ,creative, and entrepreneurial capabilities of the general population. This includes fostering an appreciation of and interest in science, especially among youth.

NIHERST's Vacation Camps provide youth with an opportunity for constructive learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) content. The goal of this programme is to contribute to the development of the next generation of STEM thought leaders.

Our live instructor-led sessions feature small group sizes to maximize interactivity.
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Ultim8 STEM!
One-Day-Fun-Day Pop-up Camps

3rd - 26th August
Timeslot Details
9:00a.m. - 2:30p.m.
Selected NALIS Libraries Locations
Controlled camp sessions will be conducted across ten (10) public library locations during the month of August.

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Descriptions and details about each theme can be accessed by clicking the tab below.
  • 1-day Camp Themes and Descriptions 5-6 years
    5-6 years
    Scary Species Enter the world of weird,scary plants and animals and learn about their adaptations and features. Are you brave enough?
    Dino Day Calling all Dino-fans! Come have fun with your favorite dinosaurs and learn about DNA on the way!
    Space Cadets Welcome young cadets! Take off into space and explore the Milky Way on this journey through the stars.
    Science vs. Magic All magicians and scientists welcomed! Try to debunk our tricks and answer ‘Is it magic or science?’

    Detailed NALIS Library Locations and Dates 5-6 years
    5-6 years
    Date in August Location Theme
    Wed 3rd Port of Spain Scary Species
    Thu 4th Port of Spain Dino Day
    Fri 5th Port of Spain Space Cadets
    Mon 8th Rio Claro Science vs. Magic
    Tue 9th Rio Claro Scary Species
    Wed 10th Rio Claro Dino Day
    Thu 11th St. James Space Cadets
    Fri 12th St. Helena Science vs. Magic
    Mon 15th Couva Scary Species
    Tue 16th Couva Dino Day
    Wed 17th Couva Space Cadets
    Thu 18th Sangre Grande Science vs. Magic
    Fri 19th Tunapuna Scary Species
    Mon 22nd Point Fortin Dino Day
    Tue 23rd Barataria Space Cadets
    Wed 24th Barataria Science vs. Magic
    Thu 25th Barataria Scary Species
    Fri 26th Maloney Dino Day

    1-day Camp Themes and Descriptions 7-9 years
    7-9 years
    Mad Science Become a ‘Mad Scientist’ as you delve into the world of physics and identify STEM concepts all around you. See just how crazy science can be!
    Fear Factor Beware! Only brave ones enter here! Explore science behind the scary, the spooky, the gross and the icky and dare to take our Fear Factor Challenge!
    AstroKidz Join us on a journey through the galaxy and investigate telescopes and space technology along the way! It’s an Astro-venture!
    Feel the Beat Uncover the exciting world of science hidden behind your favorite songs and make your own instruments! Don’t stop the STEM Beat!

    Detailed NALIS Library Locations and Dates 7-9 years
    7-9 years
    Date in August Location Theme
    Wed 3rd Port of Spain Mad Science
    Thu 4th Port of Spain Fear Factor
    Fri 5th Port of Spain Astrokidz
    Mon 8th Rio Claro Feel the Beat
    Tue 9th Rio Claro Mad Science
    Wed 10th Rio Claro Fear Factor
    Thu 11th St. James Astrokidz
    Fri 12th St. Helena Feel the Beat
    Mon 15th Couva Mad Science
    Tue 16th Couva Fear Factor
    Wed 17th Couva Astrokidz
    Thu 18th Point Fortin Feel the Beat
    Fri 19th Sangre Grande Mad Science
    Mon 22nd Tunapuna Fear Factor
    Tue 23rd Barataria Astrokidz
    Wed 24th Barataria Feel the Beat
    Thu 25th Barataria Mad Science
    Fri 26th Maloney Fear Factor

    1-day Camp Themes and Descriptions 10-13 years
    10-13 years
    Coding Zone Come have fun with Strawbees and Quirkbot as you program your way through the Coding Zone! Can you crack the code?
    Virtual World Enter a whole new world as you explore virtual reality systems and their applications. It’s a virtual world out there!
    Space Academy Welcome to Space Academy! Come explore our Solar System and investigate the pull of gravity.
    Sea to Sea Dive into our world’s oceans and encounter all the amazing sea creatures and their methods of survival. It's gonna be a splash!

    Detailed NALIS Library Locations and Dates 10-13 years
    10-13 years
    Date in August Location Theme
    Wed 3rd Port of Spain Coding Zone
    Thu 4th Port of Spain Virtual World
    Fri 5th Port of Spain Space Academy
    Mon 8th Rio Claro Sea to Sea
    Tue 9th Rio Claro Coding Zone
    Wed 10th Rio Claro Virtual World
    Thu 11th St. Helena Space Academy
    Fri 12th St. James Sea to Sea
    Mon 15th Couva Coding Zone
    Tue 16th Couva Virtual World/td>
    Wed 17th Couva Space Academy
    Thu 18th Tunapuna Sea to Sea
    Fri 19th Point Fortin Coding Zone
    Mon 22nd Sangre Grande Virtual World
    Tue 23rd Barataria Space Academy
    Wed 24th Barataria Sea to Sea
    Thu 25th Barataria Coding Zone
    Fri 26th Maloney Virtual World