NIHERST's annual Caribbean Youth Science Forum (CYSF) is the place to be in August for lower sixth form science students wanting to reap the benefits and invaluable experiences on offer, as they embark on their own journeys as scientists.

Over 180 students from six countries attended the 2014 forum from 3 -10 August. They had the privilege to meet Prof. Miguel Nicolelis, one of the world's top neuroscientists leading the field of neuroprosthetics. A captivating speaker telling a riveting tale, Nicolelis explained the science and technology behind his ground-breaking research into the development of mind-controlled exoskeletons that enable paraplegics to regain mobility. His revolutionary advances in neuroscience also offer new treatments for Parkinson's disease, and have potential for a range of new technologies.

The week was filled with similarly engaging presentations, workshop sessions and one-on-one encounters with other scientists, engineers and industry leaders, which opened the minds of the young people to new knowledge and career guidance in fields such as tissue engineering, meteorology, forensic science, civil engineering, genetics, geotechnical engineering, marine science and remote imaging technology, and introduced them to the principles of strategic foresight applied to energy resource efficiency and management.