Varma Rambaran receives award

Dr. Varma Rambaran, 2013 entrant to the Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity (PMASI), has been awarded an eight month SMART fellowship to train in nanoparticle related drug delivery at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in India. He plans to bring back this wealth of knowledge to Trinidad and Tobago upon completion.

His work in India builds on his research goals at The University of Trinidad and Tobago to develop an orally administrable drug for lowering elevated levels of blood glucose in Type 2 diabetes patients.

Dr Rambaran is a very passionate researcher whose entry greatly piqued the interest of PMASI judges. Recognising the potential benefits of the drug that could be developed from his research, as well as the significant amount of resources required for the testing phase, he was encouraged by NIHERST to seek additional avenues to support the advancement of his research.

As an organisation mandated to promote science and technology nationally in pursuit of our country’s advancement, NIHERST is continuously seeking ways to assist local researchers with to further their work. The ICGEB fellowships and research grants provide an excellent opportunity for same and NIHERST congratulates Dr Rambaran on his successful application.

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