The Vision 2020 Sub-committee on Science, Technology and Innovation made recommendation for a foresight study to be undertaken in order to inform policy and priority for science and technology education, training, research and development in Trinidad and Tobago to ensure the attainment of Vision 2020. In 2005, NIHERST pioneered a series of workshops on strategic future planning tools with the aim of sensitising key persons in business, academia and government to the potential of these new tools. A cadre of professionals received training in technology mapping and technology foresighting. The training and sensitisation activities were conducted by Prof. Anthony Clayton from ISER, Mona and the NEXT Corporation in New Zealand spearheaded by Dr. Nick Marsh and Mr. Ian Ivey.

The training and awareness activities were followed by foresight studies in a number of sectors with the potential for future growth and contribution to economic diversification. The reports of these studies are listed below. Studies were also undertaken of successful innovators regionally and nationally. Two publications were produced highlighting the successes and the lessons learnt from these role models. An electronic community of entrepreneurs and innovators was also created and supported via the website, which was launched in April 2006 by NIHERST. The website was co-sponsored by eTecK and is now run by CARIRI.

These are the reports/publications of the findings of the sector foresight studies: