Teach ME – Increasing Teachers Confidence for My Education

NIHERST celebrates its brain-child titled ‘Teach ME’ in Trinidad & Tobago. This project is a by-product of ‘Improving Innovation Capacities in the Caribbean’ (INVOCAB) – the programme initially created under a collaboration with the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in Jamaica.

This project aims to contribute towards improving the levels of creativity in Trinidad and Tobago by building and strengthening capacities in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation – specifically Science Education – as an enabler for building a Quality Primary to Secondary Education System That Caters To The Diverse Needs Of 21st Century Learners.

This program is being implemented by NIHERST with the support of the Ministry of Education. Some of the activities and responsibilities of schools and teachers are as follows:

  • Attend workshops on how to creatively teach STEM subjects – These two-day workshops will occur twice every year for the duration of the project, and all teachers from the relevant grades will be invited to participate.
  • Create science models for schools – During the workshops, the creation of science models will tap into the creative skills of teachers, further enforcing the fact that all materials (including waste materials) can be useful in imparting knowledge. These models constructed by teachers during the workshops will be taken back to the respective schools as teaching aids
  • Summer Camps for students – a two week-long vacation camps with students will be used to further reinforce the concepts introduced during class time.
  • Provide Science kits to selected schools - Age appropriate science kits will be obtained for camps and eventually distributed to the 8 schools involved in the project. The Science kits will be subject-specific for the secondary level students, and exploratory in nature for the primary level schools. All kits must promote activities closely related to the existing curricula.
  • Some schools will host a Science club with a Students’ Creativity Competition as a culminating activity. Students involved in the project intervention will be challenged to solve a school problem.