In support of the mandate of the Ministry of Education and its teachers, NIHERST in June 2021 launched the Teachers' Virtual Curriculum Competition. The online competition for the creation of the best Virtual Curriculum Video Lessons in Trinidad and Tobago was geared towards all primary school teachers and secondary school Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics teachers.

During the course of the competition, the participating teachers were trained on how to create an effective video lesson focusing on content and production. The videos produced by the participants showcased different approaches to teaching various subjects and can be used as a resource to support teachers and students in the virtual classroom.

At the end of the extremely rigorous competition and training, a Prize Giving Ceremony, hosted by NIHERST was held on November 10th, 2021. In attendance were Dr. Andrew Hunte (Chairman of the NIHERST), Mrs. Marleen Lord-Lewis (NIHERST President), winners, teachers and specially invited guests.

NIHERST’s President, Mrs. Marleen Lord-Lewis, in her opening remark, engraved onto the audience, NIHERST’s continued commitment to the advancement of the nation’s educational system. The President noted that while these are in fact unprecedented times, the Institute’s pledge to aid in socio-economic and environmental transformation remains steadfast.

The awardees received cash prizes of up to $50,000 in total, with two participants receiving special awards for their innovation and creativity.

Look out for the 2022 installment!

Winners Curriculum Videos - Primary

Winners Curriculum Videos - Secondary

Noteworthy Curriculum Videos