Secondary School FLYER

What is it?

NXplorers is an innovative educational programme to equip young people with the tools and methodology to tackle complex and interconnected problems. This new way of thinking allows students to focus on the Food-Water-Energy nexus in their local context (Trinidad and Tobago).

The programme aims to build awareness, provide system thinking tools and crucial problem-solving skills to the leaders of tomorrow. These tools are also useful in helping students in other aspects of their professional and personal lives. Students from all universities are empowered to become positive agents of change in their schools and communities.

NIHERST, the country delivery partner for Shell Trinidad and Tobago Limited (STTL) is contracted to successfully execute this programme. The programme will be conducted with NIHERST facilitators engaging new batches of students every cycle. Our new cycle will commence in August 2023.

Registration is open to Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are undergraduate students (between the ages of 17-25 years old) and are currently enrolled at a tertiary level institution within Trinidad and Tobago.

Registration is also open to select secondary schools. If your school would like to participate in the NXplorers programme but was not selected by NIHERST to participate in this cycle, please have the principal or a school official send an email to Mr. Kyron Jeffers at

For further information on the NXplorers programme, you can visit