For term 1 2019/2020, 53 kids attended our i-STEM club and were tasked with the serious job of creating a quick solution to the impending threat of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Our brave recruits used science, design and technology to help save our population and secure our borders. Thank goodness for them or we would not have survived!

NIHERST was fortunate this term to recruit 53 young but brilliant helpers to deploy antidotes that effectively eradicated the threat of 400 zombies.
To do this, our research team had to delve into the microscopic world of viruses to understand how the infection was spreading and to explain how our immune systems could defend against it.
The iSTEM team thrived - learning how to move stealthily and communicate using morse code; building defence and protection mechanisms such as catapults, safety kits; and using pressure pads as a warning system to detect approaching danger.
Survival skills were at an all-time high as the recruits harnessed solar power to make snacks while exploring nature's real zombies along the way.
The zombie apocalypse has come to its end... those zombies weren't ready for the children of  iSTEM!

On Saturday 23rd November, 2019, our brave participants received their certificates of Participation at the National Science Centre. They were also able to showcase to their parents their brilliant concoctions that effectively annihilated the Zombies!!!

Stay tuned for Term 2 2019/2020 which is coming soon!