Students and residents of Tunapuna, Arima and Piarco (T.A.P.) - the communities surrounding the National Science Centre (NSC) in D’Abadie - were treated to a festival of science, technology and fun as NIHERST celebrated the launch of their T.A.P. into Science initiative and the formal opening of its new FabLab on Monday 20th April.

The week saw over 3500 students from 53 primary and 18 secondary schools across the T.A.P. area engaging with interactive exhibits and demonstrations and career information put on by NIHERST and 28 partner agencies. Some of the cutting-edge concepts and key topics in science and technology included water resource management, food production, agricultural research and development and information and communications technology (ICT).

Dr. the Honourable Rupert Griffith, Minister of Science and Technology, in his feature address, applauded NIHERST’s dedication to the advancement of local creativity and innovation through the promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. He spoke of the importance of NIHERST’s programmes and initiatives that brought greater understanding of scientific concepts and technological advances “to the eager minds who wish to grasp knowledge, solve community problems and enhance the quality of life of our citizens”. This knowledge is a critical development piece underpinning the country’s economic diversification and ability to compete globally.

Mr. Hollis Sankar, Curriculum Co-ordinator for Science, Ministry of Education, commended NIHERST for its unique contribution to science education. He observed that, “environmental awareness, technological innovativeness, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing are core skills that students of today must develop to engage with the development challenges of tomorrow”.

The week offered workshops on science curriculum topics for students including simple circuits, food chemistry and climate change, in addition to the T.A.P. career forum, cultural entertainment, and telescope viewings, which were well received by visitors.

T.A.P. Partners

* British Gas - Safety and Science
* Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute
* College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago
* DriveWise Trinidad
* Environmental Management Authority
* Forestry Division
* Global Water Partnership – Caribbean
* Institute of Marine Affairs
* Metal Industries Company Limited
* Ministry of Food Production
* Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training
* National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme
* National Centre for Persons with Disabilities
* National Energy Skills Centre
* National Gas Company
* Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management
* Petrotrin Petting Zoo
* Professional Airline Training Solutions
* Sugarcane Feeds Centre
* Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
* The University of the West Indies
* The University of Trinidad and Tobago
* Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard
* Trinidad and Tobago Regiment
* Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard
* University of the Southern Caribbean

T.A.P. Door Prize and Sample Sponsors

* Bermudez
* Carib Brewery Limited
* Coca-Cola
* Diana Candy Company Limited
* Extra Foods
* Massy Stores
* Ministry of Food Production
* Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM)
* Signature Book Distributors
* SM Jaleel

Special Thanks to:

* Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East: Science Explainers
* Malabar Secondary School: Ushers
* Atwells’ Educational Institue: Entertainment
* Maloney Government Primary School: Anthem/Entertainment
* Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation