Shell STREAM Virtual Science Bus - powered by NIHERST

Teachers, Educators, Student Support Personnel, the Shell Science Bus, powered by NIHERST, wishes to present its highly interactive STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) topics and activities to your school.

Yes, we’re back on the road again, bringing forth our fun-filled, game-based learning styles into your school. However, please note that our Shell Science Bus shall only be able to engage secondary school students between Forms 1 to 6 at this point in time.

Our team remains focused on building awareness of the core ideas and concepts residing within STREAM subjects, in addition to connecting them their real world applications within pertinent careers.

Stream Career paths such as: Process Engineering, Molecular Biology, Medical Lab Technicians, Environmental Researcher, Seismologist, Data Analyst, Graphic Designer, Civil Engineer, Pharmacist and so much more… shall be covered within our amazing sessions… Through our immersive experience, students shall explore, create and apply new ways to thinking to the activities being showcased on the day of engagement. Activities such as: Electromagnets, Human Body Systems, Microbit Programming, Data Capture, Gene Mapping, Building Bridges, Chemical Structures, Fault Lines, Pharmacist dispensing… are only a few of the activities available to students during this time.

Interested in booking your school, then register your school using our link provided on this webpage or send an email to our bookings team. With that in mind, please take note of the following:

  • The Shell Science Bus student in-person sessions shall commence soon.
  • Sessions shall be executed on Mondays- Thursdays of every school week (from 9:00am to 2:00pm), depending on availability.
  • Based on the number of students to be engaged, the Bus team may require 1-3 days to interact with indicated target audience at your location.

Sign up today, don’t miss out on this amazing experience with the Shell Science Bus.

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