NIHERST Embarks on the Conduct of the Sectoral Innovation Mapping Studies Targeting Priority Sectors in Trinidad and Tobago

Sectoral Innovation Mapping commonly known as SIM is not a new research tool. Internationally, SIMS have been used in developed and developing countries not only to uncover the challenges to innovation but also to highlight the intensity and types of interactions linking the actors in the specific industry under review. A SIM study is based on the premise that strengthening the role and linkages among actors will positively influence the performance and competitiveness of innovative firms.

The research approach for the SIM is inclusive, involving extensive consultation with a significant sample of stakeholders in industry.

The findings of these micro-level studies add to the national research resource pool. The results help to inform and support evidence based decision-making. In light of the current state of the economy, it is anticipated that the SIMS will support the government’s move to aggressively diversify the economy of Trinidad and Tobago.

Under the auspices of the Honourable Minister of Education, Mr. Anthony Garcia of the Ministry of Education, the Policy, Research and Intelligence Department of NIHERST is pleased to launch the SIM findings of these industries in Trinidad and Tobago.

Please note that attendance at these launch events is by invitation only. For more information please contact the Policy, Research and Intelligence Department at 663-6130 or