Shell STREAM Clubs - powered by NIHERST

The Shell STREAM Club is an online after-school programme designed to support students’ academic performance in Sciences, Mathematics, Art and Technology. The STREAM club officially launched on 20th April, 2021 with form 3 students, who have now transitioned into form 4.

The students will engage in a Game-based learning approach to Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Content will be aligned to the CSEC curriculum. Participating in the club will allow students to develop their 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Additionally, to reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration and to help students focus and increase their productivity they will be given Brain Cooler sessions based around Art and Technology.

Some of the benefits of the Club are that students will receive customized STREAM Kits, be exposed to a variety of STREAM careers and also have the opportunity to win prizes for achievements throughout the term!

The online initiative will support both secondary school students and teachers. The learning progression of club members will be monitored for impact during the one (1) academic year period, commencing in September 2021 (Term I) and ending in June 2022 (Term III).

The STREAM club is currently open to all schools wishing to enroll their students into the club.

Form 4 (CSEC Curriculum)

September 2021 - June 2022
(Terms I - III)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Mathematics, Art and Technology

Form 4 Group Schedule

Week Tuesday Thursday
1 26th April 2022 Physics 28th April 2022 Mathematics
2 3rd May 2022 Chemistry 5th May 2022 Biology
3 10th May 2022 Physics 12th May 2022 Mathematics
4 17th May 2022 Chemistry 19th May 2022 Biology
5 24th May 2022 Physics 26th May 2022 Mathematics
6 31st May 2022 Chemistry 2nd June 2022 Biology
7 7th June 2022 Physics 9th June 2022 Art & Technology
8 14th June 2022 Art & Technology Friday 17th June 2022 Biology

Form 1-3 Group Schedule

Week Wednesday
1 11th May 2022
2 18th May 2022
3 25th May 2022 Scratch Programme
4 1st June 2022
5 8th June 2022
6 15th June 2022