The Shell Digitalization Academy will introduce and share with students the endless possibilities in emerging digital technologies. For 2024, Generative Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing will be our focus as we envision the workplace of the near future!

Complex digital technology concepts will be broken down, while also sharing expert tips and knowledge about working with the various technologies. Students will receive hands-on experience in these technologies.

The target audience will be both secondary school students (Forms 1-3) and tertiary-level undergraduate students ages 18-25.

Course Offerings: Generative Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing

Course Dates:

Secondary School Students

  • Generative AI: 25th March - 28th March 2024 (Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm daily)
  • 3D Printing: 2nd April - 5th April 2024 (Tuesday-Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm daily)

Tertiary Students

  • 3D Printing: 20th May - 23rd May 2024 – 3D Printing
  • Artificial Intelligence: 24th May - 29th May 2024 – Artificial Intelligence

Course Requirements

Students must walk with their laptops (with a mouse if possible) for these workshops.

Students are expected to attend BOTH the 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence courses.

Location of Tertiary Workshops

UWI, St. Augustine Campus

For ease of communication, click this link to join our WhatsApp group:

Course Overview

Generative Artificial Intelligence

This course will introduce students to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), taking them from the very beginning where they will learn about the foundations of AI in Data Mining then go into the more advanced aspects of AI in Deep Learning and Machine Learning culminating in Generative AI. Students will explore how computers learn from data to make decisions. Students will then develop their own Generative AI projects based on a real-world problem.

Students will learn:

  • What AI and Data Mining are.
  • The foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • How Machine Learning works and its natural progression from AI.
  • How Deep Learning works and its natural progression from Machine Learning.
  • How generative AI works and its natural progression from Deep Learning.

3D Printing

This course will introduce students to the world of 3D Printing, showing both the individual and industrial applications of this developing technology. Students will explore the design process using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and examine the limitations, advantages, disadvantages and applications of each type of 3D Printing. Students will create and print a project design that tackles a real-world problem in their communities. Students will also be exposed to the entrepreneurial possibilities of 3D Printing.

Students will learn:

  • The Design Process.
  • How to navigate CAD platform.
  • How to create designs by exploring 3D shapes.
  • How to translate your digital design to a physical print.
  • What 3D printing is (History, Types, applications etc.)