NIHERST invites you to the NIHERST/NASA International Internship 2018 Public Lecture Series, delivered by the 2018 recipients of the internship, Mr. Keenan Chatar and Ms. Ariel Chitan.

Venue: Engineering Room 101, Faculty of Engineering, UWI, St. Augustine.
Date: 5 September 2018
Two part lecture series:
* 4:00pm - 5:00pm, the Technical Lecture
* 5:00pm - 6:00pm, the "NASA experience" Lecture
Admission is free.

The Technical Lecture aims to share information on the research conducted while at the NASA Ames research centre, to persons interested in and/or conducting similar types of work. Mr. Chatar and Ms. Chitan will speak on the research undertaken in the area of 'Aeromechanics' and 'Energy Harvesting using Nanomaterials', respectively, including a background to their work, the aim and objectives, the methodologies applied, the findings, and the recommendations and conclusions made.

The 2018 NASA Internship Experience Lecture is open to all persons interested in hearing about the experience at NASA. The interns will speak on their personal experience while at NASA Ames, touching on their adjustment into the facilities, social interactions and activities, life while at Silicon Valley and a general overview of the work experience and research conducted. They will also share the lessons learnt from the experience and provide some words of inspiration for others interested in pursuing the opportunity within future cycles of the program.