The Shell STREAM Programme invites you to participate in our Shell Virtual Career Days, Powered by NIHERST

Shell Virtual Career Days - powered by NIHERST

This is a 3-day career event which will be held on May 3rd, 5th & 7th as an additional component of the Virtual Science Bus experience. This virtual event will be used as an avenue to develop students’ interest in STREAM based studies and careers.

Each day, there will be 2 career professionals facilitating the following benefits to your students:

  • Fun & Interactive Activities
  • Career Advice
  • A "Day in the Life" of each professional
  • A Structured Question & Answer Segment (Questions can be submitted via our registration form)
  • Professionals from each component of the STREAM acronym (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts & Math).

See below for the complete list of our career professionals:

  • 3rd MAY 2021 - “Science & Technology”
    Career Professionals:
    1. Ms. Judith Armorer, Process Engineer, Shell Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
    2. Mr. Tevin Achong, Data Engineer, Shell Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
  • 5th MAY 2021 - “Research” & Engineering”
    Career Professionals:
    1. Dr. La Daana Kanhai, Marine Scientist, University of the West Indies
    2. Ms. Sherneil Stewart, Structural Engineer, Shell Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
  • 7th MAY 2021 - “Arts & Math”
    Career Professionals:
    1. Mr. Curtis Jordan, Recording Artiste & Board Member, The Copyright Music Organization of Trinidad & Tobago
    2. Ms. Janelle Kowlessar, Operations Lead, Vibrant Technology Solutions Ltd.

Our services are FREE. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. (Bookings are currently done through schools, any teacher can book a class / classes for our career days).

Booking are now open! Spaces are limited, be sure to book today.