Modern STEM education initiatives are aimed at preparing the future workforce to succeed in work at the human-technology frontier; building/development of skills and competencies is critical to ensuring harmonious collaboration between humans and technologies as a new machine age is on the horizon. Likewise, iSTEM Club – formerly Science Club – is designed to orient the minds of our future leaders towards science and technology.

iSTEM Club is the perfect environment to cultivate students’ curiosity and creativity while teaching them to base their reasoning on evidence, and solve problems via interactive and hands-on inquiry- and problem-based learning. Content is designed for students to gain critical-thinking abilities and other transferrable skills in areas such as information technology, research, design, analytics, teamwork/collaboration and communication.

The club intends to meet on six (6) Saturdays (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon) per term at the NIHERST National Science Centre.

Membership fee: $300 per term per child

A two-part payment plan can be taken whereby 50% ($150) is due at the first session and the other 50% ($150) is due on the third session. ( cash or cheque)

Term 1 2019/2020 – ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

The undead have arrived… Infected by a mutating virus, the living dead rampage across the globe and anyone who dies or gets bitten becomes one of them. Outbreaks have been confirmed in the Caribbean, already killing 60% of Trinidad and Tobago’s population. NIHERST has been authorised to recruit the bravest out there to use science, design and technology to save the remaining population and secure our borders. These zombies are ruthless and yearning for their next victim. Is it you? Or do you have the knowledge and skills to protect the people and survive this zombie apocalypse?

5 - 6 age group
Be apart of the brave 5-6 team as we fight the monsters we can't see (microorganisms), build our immunity against them, create a defense plan (assemble a safety kit, make solar snacks, build a catapult). Survive the zombie apocalypse!

7 - 9 age group
This term we are going to equip our students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. They will be introduced to genetics (DNA-the code that makes you, you), microbiology (viruses, bacteria, parasites). The students will view these microorganisms by creating a disposable microscope. In addition, they will build defense structures and tools (catapults and pressure pads) to protect themselves and use technology (coding and circuits) to communicate with their group.

10 - 13 age group
This term of ISTEM the students will be trying to overcome a zombie apocalypse which is upon us. They will learn the physics behind catapults (projectile motion and forces) to create a defence against the zombies. Encrypted communication (MORSE CODE) will also be needed to contact other groups of defenders as well as learning different methods of solar cooking and preserving food for survival.