iSTEM Club

Term 3 - 2020/2021 Academic Year

Modern STEM education initiatives are aimed at preparing the future workforce to succeed in work at the human-technology frontier; building/development of skills and competencies is critical to ensuring harmonious collaboration between humans and technologies as a new machine age is on the horizon. Likewise, iSTEM Club – formerly Science Club – is designed to orient the minds of our future leaders towards science and technology.

iSTEM Club is the perfect environment to cultivate students’ curiosity and creativity while teaching them to base their reasoning on evidence, and solve problems via interactive and hands-on inquiry- and problem-based learning. Content is designed for students to gain critical-thinking abilities and other transferrable skills in areas such as information technology, research, design, analytics, teamwork/collaboration and communication.

Let's Get Digital

This term, we’re exploring storytelling so be ready to think outside the box! Storytelling doesn't have to mean writing with a pencil and paper or drawing picture – let’s get digital! Digital storytelling involves combining digital media (images, voice narration, music, text, or motion) to tell a story. Using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) tools and concepts, you will craft and share your stories in fun, creative and unusual ways. Get ready for an experience that’s magical, transformative, confidence-building, and a lot of fun!