Option 1:

  • National Science Centre (NSC) tour (3 hours) which includes any one (1/2 hour) post SEA activities. Admission Fees are as such:
    • Students: $25.00 .For groups that want more than one activity: $10 extra per activity per student
    • Teachers: $30.00

Option 2:

  • Innovation/FABLAB workshops - Choose any of the 5 listed- 3 hour workshops:
    • Please note the student capacity for each FABLAB workshop is listed
Bookings are required for the above options to determine availability, Check flyer for more details

If you require any additional information or clarity feel free to contact the National Science Centre at 642-6112 exts. 291, 250

Option 1: National Science Centre Tour & Activities

1. Recycling Paper!

Do you want to help save our planet? Then recycling paper is a definitely one of the ways to go. Tap into your creativity and imagination using gliter, thread, onions skins and much more to create new and festive paper

2. Quilling!

Twist, turn, and roll paper into beautiful and unique designs. Make your very own mask or animal shape!

3. Code Session!

Do you dream of becoming a programmer? Do you want to design cool new applications? Well it all starts by learning the basics of coding. Join us as we explore the world of programming through the use of simple computer applications.

4. Gyroscopic gadget!

Spin, spin, spin! Make your own fidget spinner while you learn the science behind gyroscopic motion.

5. Making square bubbles!

Who says a bubble must be spherical! Visit us and learn how to make other 3D shaped bubbles.

6. Origami!

Join us in the relaxing pastime of Origami, which combines art and science to create beautiful moving figurines.

7. Augmented Reality!

Want a taste of the future of technology, come experience 2D images coming to life using our VR headsets and augmented reality applications!

8. Fun with K’nex!

There is no better way to cool your brain, than by building interesting 2D and 3D structures. Make a car, boat or even Spheris wheel either by hand or using the K’nex kit!

9. Explore IEEE!

Are you curious about what happens at mission control? Want to learn more about how spacecraft works, visit our IEEE command centre to help guide our astronauts safely to mars.

10. Be a recording artist!

Do you love music, can you sing or play instrument! Are you interested in creating new sounds? Then visit our recording studio and explore the world of music and musical engineering.

Option 2: Fab Lab Workshops

1. Robotics Workshop – 25 students

This workshop is designed as an introduction to robotics. It utilizes the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits. These kits form the foundation of most of NIHERST’s introductory robotics courses. The workshop is based primarily on programming. Each group of students will be given instructions to build the same robot using a very simple design. After building, the students are taught the essentials of programming in very easy terms. They then program their robot in 3 sections: i) walked through step-by-step; 2) given a straightforward objective; and, 3) given an objective which required a bit of figuring out. Depending on whether there is sufficient time left in the session, extra programming blocks can be taught.


2. Cubelets Workshop - 24 students

The workshop will focus entirely on the Cubelets robotics kits, with participants working in groups of 3. Each group will be given 1 Cubelet kit to work with and will produce a series of robots. This is a hands-on lesson introducing students to the exciting world of Cubelets. will discover on their own, how Cubelets can be used to build robots that sense and act. They will intuitively use the scientific method while exploring Cubelets.

3. Computer Aided Manufacturing Workshop - 15 students

This workshop is designed as an introduction to CAM. It utilizes Computer software and prototyping equipment (Laser cutter & 3D printer). The workshop is based on creating a design on computer-based software and using that design to produce a real-world item. Each group of students will be given a laptop and instructions on how to use the software. The software can be used to create 2D & 3D designs for a wide variety of fields such as Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, and Architecture just to name a few.


4. Electronics Workshop - 15 students

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Electronics. It utilizes various electronic components to provide participants with a fun and interactive experience. Participants will work in groups to design different circuits while they explore the world of electronics.

5. Makey Makey Workshop - 25 students

This workshop is based mainly on the Makey Makey kit which is a hands-on learning tool for persons of all ages. Each group of students will be given their own kit to transform everyday objects into touchpads to interact with a computer. The computer then becomes an extension of their creativity. It includes contact points on the board that can be attached to any material that is conductive. These materials may include metals, fruits, play doh, water etc. Even the student’s body can be used as a conductor. The control board includes motion controls and other basic controls that can be used on almost any computer application. There is other software that can be used to make full use of the Makey Makey hardware designs by creating games, videos etc. using special programming codes and graphics designing methods.