NIHERST in collaboration with the German Embassy will be hosting a German Exhibit entitled “Energiewende” (E-ner-gie-wen-de).

The world is facing a serious dilemma with the impacts of climate change and the burgeoning energy demands. Cross-border cooperation and solutions are required to address this global challenge. Germany is spearheading a transition to renewables commonly known as the Energiewende (“energy transition”). Germany enjoys one of the most reliable grids in the world. Generating more than 50% of electricity from variable renewable sources.

The Federal Foreign Office, Germany, would like to use the travelling exhibition to explain what the energy transition involves and stimulate interest in renewable energy. The exhibit will go into areas such as energy efficiency through the use of innovative technologies, use of electric cars, wind and solar energy, the economic considerations of the energy transformation, reducing greenhouse gases, phasing out nuclear energy, the Smart Grid concept and energy storage.

You are invited to join us at Teaching Learning Complex, the University of the West Indies, from 26th September to 6th October, 2017 to learn about the shift to green energy.

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