Innovations Camps


Get inspired by nature and its many wonders as we investigate Biomimicry and its influence on the latest technology. Don’t get bent out of shape as we put our creativity and problem-solving skills to the test in our Geometry Challenge. Join us on an adventure as we learn how to get our molecules in motion to the science of sound. Don’t miss it!


Drawing in the air? Yes it’s true. Campers will experience the coolest 3D printing innovation, the 3D Pen to create amazing 3D drawings. Every day is filled with fun and exciting activities and challenges as we discover how engineers incorporate science, technology, innovation and mathematics in the structures they design. Come join in on the fun!


Do you want to learn about robots? Then look no further. Enter the world of robotics where you choose either Mindstorms, Vex, or BOTH. Be part of a team to design, build and program the most robust, versatile robotic systems. CHALLENGE yourself, in head to head competitions with some of the country’s brightest in a test of Strategy, Ingenuity and Determination.

X-STREAM Engineers

X – STREAM Engineers combines Aero Space, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, with concepts from your favourite games, while engaging your inner builder through intense competition. Where Team Work, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership and Creativity are the key factors to success.

Tech Camps

eMagination Level 1

Difficulty Level: BeginnerStretch the limits of your eMagination and creativity. Use Scratch and Makey Makey to take your creativity to new heights. Build your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art while learning mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively

eMagination Level 2

Difficulty Level: IntermediateBuilding on e-Magination (I) campers will push their creativity and imagination even further. Using the LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kits they will build their own machines and make them interactive using the Scratch software. Their machines will move, turn and even make sounds.

App Builderz

Difficulty Level: IntermediateBuild your own apps! Mobile devices running the Android OS, such as smartphones and tablets, are taking the market by storm! In this camp, students will learn the basics of mobile app development using the Android SDK to compile their mobile apps for the android platform.

Computer Constructors

Difficulty Level: Beginner-IntermediateEver wondered exactly how your computer works? Ever wanted to make your own. Come learn about the structure of a computer and also the parts come together to create the machine. Campers will build computers using a Kano kit as well as a computer pulled apart.


Difficulty Level: BeginnerAlways wanted your very own logo? How about designing vector artwork for websites and print media? This is the camp where art and technology collide! Students will be given an introduction to the fundamental tools and technologies used in today’s digital art industry. They will participate in a hands-on program where they can learn to develop and express their creative ability using Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®.

Science Education Camps

Space Odyssey

5 – 6 YEARS

Hop aboard Little Explorers as we journey through outer space. Investigate the galaxy, navigate the stars and make your own telescope. It’s going to be out of this world!

7 – 9 YEARS

Get lost in the vastness of our universe. Become an aerospace engineer by designing and launching your very own rocket. Gaze at the celestial bodies using your hand made telescopes, learn about the constellations that adorn the night’s sky, learn about the biggest fiery star in our solar system, visit the planetarium and much more!

10 – 12 YEARS

Interested in space exploration? Looking no further. Put your footprint on the moon through innovation and design. Build and launch your hand made rocket using the principles of Newton’s Laws. Help a fellow comrade land safely through engineering a simple machine. Learn how to survive in space through the power of Little Bits technology and visit our IEEE centre to create your own defence from a harmful solar flare. Visit our planetarium to explore new galaxies outside the confines of our solar system and learn so much more!

Art Attack

5 – 6 YEARS

Grab your crayons! Grab your markers! Grab anything around you and get creative, little artists! Explore different ways to make and use art: drawing, colouring, weaving, quilling, shadow tracing, and even embossing. The fun just never ends!

7 – 9 YEARS

A picture is worth a thousand words in this week long art camp. Join in the fun by creating your own masterpiece and learning fun, innovative art skills such quilling, printing, weaving and separation of colours using chromatography. You will use every colour in the crayon box to create your own animations, stain glass pieces and so much more!

10 – 12 YEARS

Release your inner artist using animation technology, 3D pens, optical illusions and more. Learn to incorporate science and creativity in your artwork in useful ways that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Nature Detectives

5 – 6 YEARS

Soar the skies, swim the ocean and search the jungle… Get ready, little detectives, to solve the case of which animals and plants are the scariest! Sharks, spiders, lions, tigers or the Venus flytrap… which will it be?

7 – 9 YEARS

Come and explore some of the fascinating biological diversity in Trinidad and Tobago as you learn about flora and fauna. Complete challenges, imagine your own ecosystem and create it!

10 – 12 YEARS

From the smallest creatures alive to the entire world, prepare for an entire week of WILD fun! Immerse yourself in virtual reality environments, create delicious desserts using locally grown fruits and solve clues in a scavenger hunt using microscience and much more! Come discover a world of adventure!

Sports Elites

5 – 6 YEARS

Swing a bat, catch a ball, shoot some hoops and try not to fall; the best way to learn the science in sports is to play them all. Bring your A-game, little athletes, because this week leads up to a fun-packed sports day!

7 – 9 YEARS

Have what it takes to be a professional athlete? Interested in sports medicine? Look no further. Sprint to this camp where you will learn about how your body performs in physical games and obstacle courses. Push your body to its limit on our sports and fun day. Parade proudly in our march past with your fellow campers.

10 – 12 YEARS

Calling all future athletes and sports fans alike! Prepare yourself for a packed week of physical and mental fun! Cricket, football, and brain games galore… There’s never a dull moment in sports science and we won’t stop having fun as we prepare every day for our very own SPORTS DAY!