• Ice cream in a bag —
    Craving a tasty treat? Make your own without the mess! Make delicious ice cream in a bag through the wonders behind the changing states of matter!
  • Mug cake —
    Need a quick pick-me-up desert? Don’t have the time? Make a mug cake within minutes! Watch ingredients react with each other to give you a tasty sweet treat!
  • Taste test —
    How many taste buds are budding in your mouth? Explore them with our taste test!
  • Making paper —
    Ready to save our planet? Let’s start by reducing the amount of paper we waste. Let’s recycle! Making something new from something old!
  • Circus science —
    Join us as we carry out fun and thought provoking experiments. Be our assistant for the day!
  • Flip book animation —
    Create a moving image, tell a story by creating your very own flip book!
  • Stain glass butterfly —
    Craft anyone? Make a beautiful stain glass butterfly using simple materials!
  • 3D pens —
    Put your creativity on display by using our 3D pens. Imagine, design, and create something cool from the top of your head.
  • Sail cars —
    Be an engineer for a day! Through the power of forces build your very own sail car!
  • Minute to Win it games —
    Quick on your feet? You will love our ‘minute to win it games’ challenge yourself with these fun, brain teasers.