Survey of Mathematics in Primary Schools, 2017

National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.
Port-of-Spain: NIHERST, September 2018. 86p


NIHERST presents the results of the Survey of Mathematics in Primary Schools, 2017. This survey was designed to provide empirical data on the teaching of Mathematics in primary schools and has generated essential data on indicators for comparison with similar studies. The 2017 survey is a follow-up to a similar study conducted by NIHERST in 2007.

The Survey of Mathematics in Primary Schools, 2017 is a two-part enquiry providing essential data on the profile of principals and teachers from 264 government, government-assisted and private primary schools in Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Training needs
  • Attitudes towards teaching
  • Difficulties encountered
  • Adequacy and availability of resources
  • Use of teaching and evaluation methods


  • View on primary mathematics education
  • Availability of resoures
  • Priority areas in mathematics education
  • Factors necessary for a successful learning environment

This publication should serve as a useful resource for decision-makers, curriculum specialists, researchers, teaching personnel and, in general, stakeholders in Mathematics education.