Water Warrior Educational Toolkit

for Post SEA students

Each year, a cohort of post-SEA students prepare to enter secondary school; this transitionary period is a time when students are predisposed to learning new concepts. Managing water resources, is regarded as critical for the sustenance of healthy rivers. As such, the Water Resources Agency (WRA) through its Adopt-A-River Programme, and National Institute of Higher Education Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) have formed a partnership, to embark on a project, called the ‘Water Warrior Educational Toolkit for Post SEA students’ which aims to increase student awareness and encourage improved stewardship of our beloved local waterways.

NIHERST and WRA will deliver this project through production of a toolkit containing brochures, activities for students (interactively delivered), water quality testing, a competition and electronic game, all conveyed in a workshop, with students in mind. In the lead-up to World Rivers Day… on 23 September 2018, Trinidad and Tobago joins in… with many others around the globe, and at the same time, applauds our Caribbean associate, Dominica, for taking lead in this year’s World Rivers Day celebrations.